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This gallery contains some of the latest uploads of this site. Of course all photographs presented here can be found in their corresponding galleries too. You just have to find them...


Hungary is a relatively small landlocked country in the Pannonian Basin, (or Carpathian Basin) in Central Europe (although it is larger than almost all of its Europian neighbors and the 18th largest one of the 50 European states).
Accidentally it is my motherland. I'm living in the capital (Budapest). Sub-Galleries for cities in Hungary are ordered alphabetically, except for my home city, which always comes first...

Travel photography

I always loved to travel different part of the world to see with my own eye the beautiful landscapes, cities, towns and villages, different cultures, people. Much of my hard earned money was spent on traveling. I still haven't seen most what I wanted to see, so I keep trying ☺. Sub-galleries here are organized by their Hungarian country names - which is not the same as their English names - not by date. When the Hungarian names differs from the English one I will show it in the album title so that you can see why does it appear there.


Nature is an ethernal source of inspiration. I am always awed by its fantastic diversity of sight.

Calendars over the years

I created the first calendar in 2004. However it took another four years tot create the next one, because I didn't find a matching set of 13 images. The 2011 year calendar contained images from previous journeys. Since then the topic is always previous year's travel. I try to create a different look in every year.

Assorted Photos

A selection of the finest photographs are collected here for your enjoyment...


Sepia is a popular photographic technique. It gives a special warm look to black and white photographs. Some of these photos are uploaded in original colors n an other gallery as well.


As a child I was taught that it is impolite to stare at strangers. And I don't like to be stared at either. At the same time I just love to look at photographs of other people knowing they won"t feel offended. Maybe you feel the same. This little theory might explain why photographs depicting people are so popular. It also explains the reluctance we feel about photographing unknown people.

The world is Black and White

In the childhood of photography there was no color there was only Black and White. Some thought that if color photography becomes possible BW photography will die out. It didn't happen. Even in these days of affordable color photographs BW photography remained an important branch of photography, because of its expressive powers.