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About me

I am a Hungarian amateur photographer born and still living in Budapest.Andreas Falco, which is a free translation of my real name, is my photographic alias. I utilize all of the features my cameras have. I usually shoot in aperture priority mode, but switch to shutter priority or even to complete manual control (including no auto ISO) when the situation requires it. I am not a photo jpurnalist. I want to express something with my photographs not just show things how the yet unperfect cameras record them. Therefore I use digital manipulation of the images when I deem neccessary, I may remove some elements (especially wires, junk, etc) from the photographs, and sometimes - as for example with the witches image on the main page - I even use compositing.

I was involved with photography in the film days.I developed and printed my own BW images. Color film development and consistent printing was impossible for me. So in color I shot mostly slides. But the price of color film and development here in Hungary was very high, which meant I could only shoot so much color slides during my travels. Can you imagine that I could not afford more than 8, 36 exposure rolls of slide film during one month of my holiday? And even then many times I fall victim of bad commercial photo labs and lost irreplaceble photos. With the advent of digital photography however everything changed. Now I usually come back with 7-9 thousand frames from a 3 week vacation. Most of the images are only of personal interest, helping my memory, but a few of them may be interesting for others as well. Those are the ones I select the images uploaded here from. (Yes, I ended that sentence with a preposition. So sue me.)

I created this site first that I can showcase my work to others, but also to documentmy travels. As this is not a commercial website I am not limited to displaying only my best images here. Especially not in the travel category. Therefore the number of images here is dounting. I don't think anyone wants to go through all of the images here. But I am sure you can find many things here which will interest you.

Naturally I am present on different social sites too. Please find me and like my images also onFlickr or 500px or facebook or send me an email!