Andreas Falco Photography   

Calendars over the years

I created the first calendar in 2004. However it took another four years tot create the next one, because I didn't find a matching set of 13 images. The 2011 year calendar contained images from previous journeys. Since then the topic is always previous year's travel. I try to create a different look in every year.


Cities and Nature.


I can only sayÉ we adore Ireland.


Photographs from some cities of the Netherlands, also called Holland.

South and middle of Germany

Although I went to Germany to work there many times this was the first time we went there for our vacation.


Originally we planned to visit Portugal in 2013, but Spain has seduced us. But finally we got here.


Shortly after I recuperated from a forced rest of a broken thighbone we travelled to Poland.


Tuscany - simply wonderful. Iád love to go back there again.


Pictures selected from 28 cities of Spain


The first calendar with pictures taken only during our vacation in the previous year

From Everywhere

Each month takes us to a different Country and City.

Mini Planets

A little digital game from photographs taken in Budapest (Hungary), Esztergom (Hungary), Szentendre (Hungary) Venice (Italy) and Malcesine (Italy)


These Untersberg marble Dwarfs were photographed in the Salzburg "Dwarf Garden".They were moved into the neighboring Small Bastion Garden, also known as the “Water Bastion”.